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From a Freelancer to a CEO of a SkinCare Brand: An Inspiring Story of Roberta Perry

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Roberta Perry, the creative force behind ScrubzBody Skin Care, embarked on an incredible journey that epitomizes the American Dream. Her unconventional career path, spanning graphic design, freelancing, telecom sales, and marketing, armed her with a versatile skill set. But it was her personal quest for a natural remedy to combat her own dry, flaky skin that set the stage for her remarkable journey into skincare. From the heart of her own kitchen, ScrubzBody Skin Care was born, fueled by a passionate mission to deliver products that are not only kind to your skin but to the planet as well.

Join us as we take you inside ScrubzBody Skin Care’s soul and the mind of the lady behind it all.

A Journey of Transformation

Roberta’s expedition commenced with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphics and a successful stint in the design world. Her journey took an unconventional turn, transitioning into freelancing, and later navigating through the intriguing realm of telecom sales. Subsequently, her role as a marketing director for an adult education company unveiled invaluable lessons that laid the foundation for ScrubzBody Skin Care.

“All of these stepping stones were the path I needed to start ScrubzBody Skin Care.”


Inspiration Behind ScrubzBody Skin Care

Frustrated by the lack of natural skincare options for her dry, flaky skin, she embarked on a mission to create products that aligned with her values. In May 2006, Roberta sold her very first jar of ScrubzBody, a product born out of her quest for a natural solution for dry, flaky skin. The official birthdate of her company is June 23, 2006, when she got her business license.

“I needed something better and more natural for my own flaky, dry skin and busy lifestyle than what I was finding in the stores.”

Roberta’s determination to find a better solution led to her kitchen, where she began crafting scrubs and skincare products. Her commitment to eco-consciousness and the well-being of her customers is evident as she emphasizes,

“We must transform the fashion industry, not just for ourselves but for the planet. It’s not a choice; it’s a responsibility.”

The birth of ScrubzBody Skin Care wasn’t just about starting a business; it was about fulfilling a personal mission. Her journey started at home and expanded to a small store. Roberta poured her creativity and dedication into creating products that are not only effective but also gentle and versatile.

“We whip our scrubs enough to be gentle for the face and private parts, so one product is really all you need to clean, polish, and moisturize. Plus, you can shave with the oils, so no shaving cream or lotion is necessary.”

All great things take time and Roberta is a testament to this statement. Her passion and previous job experience have led her to where she is now.

“I took a risk and spent money I didn’t have in the beginning. It took years before I became profitable.”

A Fresh Approach to Skincare

ScrubzBody Skin Care products distinguish themselves by offering an experience rather than just products. The scrubs are designed to be gentle, and versatile enough for the face and even intimate parts, making them a one-stop solution for cleansing, polishing, and moisturizing. They even serve as a shaving substitute, doing away with the need for additional creams or lotions.

“We whip our scrubs enough to be gentle for the face and private parts, so one product is really all you need to clean, polish, and moisturize. Plus, you can shave with the oils, so no shaving cream or lotion is necessary,” Roberta passionately explains.

Moreover, the balms and lotions from ScrubzBody have no added water and are made entirely of Shea butter and plant oils.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is the heart of ScrubzBody Skin Care. Their recent introduction of the Cubez Cubed Scrub, a portable solution for on-the-go skincare, has been well received. This spring, they plan to launch the “Bye Bye Bugz” roll-on, offering an effective and convenient solution to repel insects.

“We recently introduced our Cubez Cubed Scrub, a portable way to take the natural scrub experience with you on the go. This spring, we will be adding a Bye Bye Bugz roll-on to the line. We have it as a lotion already, but a take-with-you roll-on will be an easy way to keep bugs away quickly and on the spot.”

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Strengths

Roberta recognizes the importance of D2C emails in today’s competitive marketing landscape, especially for small businesses with little resources. She thinks this plan is crucial to their ultimate success.

“Competition for eyes on your brand and keeping up on social media and things like that, without spending for ads, is probably the biggest challenge right now. Marketing on a budget is a constant struggle. That is why I like direct-to-consumer emails best. It is a way for me to maintain more control and speak directly to my customers. If social media or other channels fail, owning my email list is key.”

The biggest strength of ScrubzBody Skin Care is its unwavering commitment to customer service and loyalty. The personal connection they foster with customers sets them apart.

“Customer service and loyalty is by far our biggest strength. We make fabulous, hand-crafted, skin-happy products as well.”

Building a Cohesive Team

Roberta thinks her team must have a set of agreed principles. Wendy, her closest friend, and her late sister, Michelle, were instrumental in making the office a pleasant and productive place to work.

Strong collaboration is highlighted by the fact that disagreements are settled via honest dialogue and consideration for one another.

“I am lucky to have begun my journey with my late sister, Michelle, and now I have my best friend, Wendy, from growing up, as my production manager. Having people who love and respect and want the same things means my business is and was always in good hands.”

“If there is a disagreement, we work it out. Michelle and I would fight each other on occasion, but Wendy and I have our strengths so we never really disagree. She does certain things way better than I do and vice-versa, so it just works.”

As for other staff, they are all part-time employees, and they are trained exceptionally well to ensure efficiency and uphold the high standards set by ScrubzBody Skin Care.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

For Roberta, customer satisfaction isn’t just a priority; it’s a way of life. Treating customers like friends, understanding their unique needs, creating distinctive fragrances, and being transparent are all part of her strategy to take customer service to the next level. Customer feedback directly influences the company’s strategy, allowing ScrubzBody to evolve based on the needs and desires of its loyal following.

“Treating people like friends more than customers is our magic potion. Asking and listening to what our customer needs as opposed to pushing a sale on them goes a long way.”

Roberta’s Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Roberta’s journey from a background in graphics to founding a successful skincare company offers valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her advice is clear: prioritize long-term relationships over short-term gains. Strive to make friends and lifelong customers, and always put your best foot forward, not just the cheapest.

“My goal is to keep growing organically in the retail space, and create not only a place for people to purchase private/white label products, but a whole mentorship program.”

When it comes to eco-friendly beauty and real customer service, ScrubzBody Skin service is the gold standard. ScrubzBody Skin Care and its founder, Roberta Perry, have raised the standard in a market where customer service and quality products make all the difference.

Her journey is an inspiration for all young generations and aspiring entrepreneurs that hard work and consistency always pay off. All you need is a CAN DO attitude.

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